Real Estate investment financing

Direct Private Money Financing for Residential Investment Properties

Our products are tailor-made for residential real estate investors

Introducing our investment property financing solutions! Our products are tailor-made for residential real estate investors and offer more flexibility than traditional sources.  Our short-term financing options include Fix & Flip, Bridge, and New Construction.  Our long-term financing options include single rental and portfolio rental.  

Commercial Investor Loans Residential Real Estate


  • Business purpose loans with NO income verification
  • Property Types: SFR, Condo, Multi-Family
  • No investor experience required, except for construction loans
  • Individual and Business approval for Fix & Flip Exposure Limit up to $10MM with individual property loan amounts from $50K to $3MM
  • Fix & Flip financing for up 100% of renovation expenses
  • 12-18 mo. term Bridge loans, as well as asset-based Single and Portfolio Rental property loans
  • Financing for non-owner occupied attached or detached single family residences (SFR’s), condos, mixed use, and multi-family properties (5 – 20 units)
  • Competitive interest rates, LTVs, and LTVs
  • Risk based underwriting determines interest rates and loan size
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Elite Builder Line

For builders with experience looking to grow their business further

Short-term business purpose draw to finance the construction of residential properties.  Finance hard costs and all soft costs for up to 15 projects at a time. 

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Fix & Flip Loans

For capitalized borrowers seeking industry-leading rates and flexibility

Our Fix & Flip loans allow investors to acquire and/or renovate multiple properties up to an approved Exposure Limit (based on Individual & Business approval).

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New Construction

Business purpose loans to finance ground up construction

Ideal for residential urban infill builders doing tear down and spec homes.  Risk-based underwriting determines interest rate and equity contribution.

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Rental Loans

Unlock equity and grow your rental business.

Our Single Rental Loan enables investors to purchase a new property to expand their rental portfolio. Our Portfolio Rental Loan is designed to help rental investors unlock equity and get cash out of their existing rental investments.

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Bridge Loan

Bridge loans are ideal for temporarily holding assets.

Need more time to turn a property or complete your light rehab project? Consider a Bridge Loan. Time is money, we offer both.


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