New construction

Save time and money with a one-close construction loan

Home Construction LoanCan’t settle for “almost perfect”? We'll work with you, your real estate agent and your builder to make your dream home a reality and the mortgage process simple and hassle-free. Plus, one closing means one interest rate (with the option to modify down if the market improves), one down payment, one full credit report to order and just one approval. 

Whether you’re buying or refinancing, our one-close construction loan allows you to finance the renovations you’ve been dreaming of into one convenient loan. There’s just one application and one closing, saving you time and money, too. And now, this all-in-one loan includes higher limits, so you may be able to dream even bigger.


  • Loan amounts up to $3 million available nationwide
  • Lock in your rate at any time
  • Easy construction draw process
  • One set of closing costs and fees
  • Interest-only payments during construction

Why consider a 1-Time Close Loan? These fixed rate FHA and VA financing solutions provide construction financing, lot purchase financing, and permanent financing for when construction is complete as one loan. Thus, borrowers can take out a single loan instead of having to deal with three separate mortgages! Plus, there is no re-qualification and no second appraisal is needed.

How Does It Work? We approve the permanent portion of the loan before the construction of the home begins. Once all conditions for closing are cleared, the final construction of the home may begin. No payments are due from the borrower during construction.