Mortgage Rate Lock and Shop

Get rate protection for up to 1 year!

With our Mortgage Rate Lock and Shop program, you can shop for a home without worrying about rising mortgage interest rates. 

Even without a formal offer on a property, our Mortgage Rate Lock and Shop gives you rate security with 90-, 120-, 150-, 180-, 270-, and 365-day rate lock options.  If the rates improve as you shop for your dream home, you can float down to the better rate.

Our Mortgage Rate Lock and Shop program gives you the opportunity to save money, should interest rates rise, and helps you manage your homebuying budget by letting you know that you’re pre-approved for a mortgage at a specific rate.

With mortgage rates rising, locking in a lower rate can save you significant money over the life of a mortgage. For example, a 1% reduction in your mortgage rate can save you more than $98,000 on a $400,000 mortgage over 30 years.  Get started and Lock & Shop Today!

Benefits of Rate Lock and Shop:

  • Lock an interest rate without an offer on a property
  • 90-, 120-, 150-, 180-, 270- and 365-day rate lock options
  • Fast and easy pre-approvals
  • No property address required
  • Conventional, FHA and VA programs eligible
  • Available for primary and secondary homes

Lock and Shop Program is ideal for:

  • Those searching for their next home
  • Peace of mind knowing your mortgage rate is protected and will not increase during the locked period
  • Homebuyers in competitive markets

Calculate Monthly Payment*

Calculate Monthly Payment
*=This is only an estimate, provided for illustrative purposes only. Actual rates and payments may vary. It does not constitute a quote.

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