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Step 1- Select your Loan Officer from the drop-down menu above and complete the short application. Within minutes you’ll receive your three credit scores and other important information.

Step 2- At the same time your credit scores are emailed to you, one of our licensed loan originators will receive a copy and call you to complete the process.

Step 3- Once you’ve been pre-qualified, our office will email you a letter with the maximum loan amount you’ve been pre-qualified for and the necessary documents to complete the application process.

Not all credit scores are created equal!  The commercials on TV don’t bother to tell you that “mortgage” credit score models are different from other credit score models. The scores someone gets from sites like Credit Karma are commonly referred to as “consumer credit scores.” They can be close to your real scores, or way off. Generally, the only way to get your true credit score that uses the model mortgage lenders use, is through a mortgage lender.  Our Mortgage Preflight feature allows you to get your score immediately, but with no guess work of how close it is to your real number!

Using our Mortgage PreFlight is the most safe and secure method to pre-authorize access to your credit data for the processing of a mortgage application. Mortgage PreFlight gives you control over who has access to your confidential data and is the recommended first step when searching for the best mortgage loan and terms. Preflight also provides you valuable insight into information that will be critical throughout the mortgage. 

  • A secure method for you and your lender to comply with various State and Federal laws requiring the demonstration of permissible purpose and your specific authorization prior to accessing your personal credit data.
  • Precise ID authentication provides an additional level of protection against identity theft.
  • FACTA Mandated disclosures containing all three FICO™ scores - The same scores that will be utilized by your lender in the mortgage process.
  • A Credit Radar powered "check-list" of items your mortgage professional will be reviewing in the lending process. Your customized analysis will identify potential issues that might need to be addressed and possibly discover opportunities (often otherwise hidden) that can possibly result in better loan terms and lower costs.
  • A real-time, direct and secure conduit with your mortgage professional.  Within seconds, your data is in the hands of your lender allowing for an immediate review, response and processing.

Refer to our mortgage document checklist and glossary to learn about the required documents needed for the home loan process.  Also use our How Much Can I Afford Calculator and Monthly Mortgage Payment Calculator to accurately determine your budget and plan for your future home purchase. These user-friendly tools will help you assess your financial capacity, taking into account factors such as your income, expenses, and desired mortgage term, so that you can make informed decisions and find a mortgage that aligns with your goals and financial stability.

Today's Mortgage Rates flucuate often, so it's recommended to work with one of our licensed mortgage experts who can provide personalized guidance and help you secure the best possible rate for your home loan. Additionally, take advantage of our Quick Quote feature, allowing you to receive a customized rate estimate based on your specific financial information and loan requirements. Our mortgage experts will guide you through the process, ensuring that you receive competitive rates tailored to your unique circumstances, ultimately helping you make an informed decision about your mortgage financing.